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About us

Dominoes has been operating since May 1985. Owned by the Nikolouzos family, it quickly became a hit with new visitors. 

We are consistently devoted to the improvement and development of our services. We provide a friendly environment with the strictest of protocols around cleanliness and customer service.

Our fabulous Mediterranean cuisine, in combination with the above values has kept our loyal customers and dear friends returning for more than 30 years.

DSC8408 Edit corfu dominoes hotel apartments superior two bedroom

DSC02793 corfu dominoes pool restaurant bar

Who we are:

Yannis Nikolouzos

Yannis Nikolouzos, like many other Corfiots, began his career in tourism.  He worked at major hotels and collaborated in the establishment of tourism and restaurant enterprises.  Ever since he joined the tourism industry, his vision was to provide the most authentic value for money hospitality.  This vision became a reality when Yiannis and his wife Eftychia established Dominoes.  At first, Dominoes was a pub offering simple food.  In the ‘90s, it became the area’s in-place, a meeting point for the foreigners who spent their summer in Corfu as workers or as tourists.

Dominoes became very popular and extended into the hospitality sector when Dominoes Apartments & Studios Hotel was added.  It is a place where satisfied guests usually return, most of them repeatedly. “Since the day I started, my goal has always been to make our guests feel at home while also feeling totally free, the way a holiday should be. To achieve this end, I used care and discretion.  This is how I have worked for three decades and this is how our daughters continue”.

Εftyhia Nikolouzou

Efthyhia Nikolouzou, Effie for the friends, started cooking for Dominoes in the same way she cooked for her family.  She chose the same wholesome products to prepare delicious dishes, so locals and tourists alike returned to Dominoes again and again.  Her love for well-cooked quality food goes hand in hand with her care and love for her gardens and the produce she grows there for use in her cooking.  

Effie’s delicious jams in their small jars travel the world in the luggage of the Dominoes customers. Effie’s main priority however is to keep up the strictest hygiene standards in the business.

“In Greece there is a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness.  At Dominoes this is a belief we all share.  I have followed this rule from the very first day we opened, nowadays with the help of modern products and technology.  The Covid-19 pandemic period confirmed our conscientious cleanliness and I am happy that through our practices we have gained our customers’ trust in us.”

DSC02793 corfu dominoes pool restaurant bar

DSC02793 corfu dominoes pool restaurant bar

Mary Nikolouzou

Mary Nikolouzou has been working in the service industry from an early age.  She studied economics and is now the financial manager of the business.  She is a lover of fine food, good wine and original cocktails and loves to enjoy them in the beautiful surroundings of Dominoes. Mary has been an essential help in the business service from her youth until the present day.

“My personal contact with our customers is for me the most important part of my job.  Even now, I still enjoy serving them, seeing to their needs and listening to their opinions.  I believe that our business is constantly improving through our good relationship with our guests.”

Εlena Nikolouzou

Elena Nikolouzou has been working in guest service from an early age. She studied Business Administration and uses her acquired knowledge in the business. Elena is a lover of travel and the sea.  As a real traveller herself, she gives the best advice to the guests on the places worth visiting, activities that best fit their tastes and moreover, she takes pleasure in organising whatever the guests desire. Elena along with Mary have been helping in the family business from their youth up to the present day.

“I want the visitors to Corfu to get to know our island just like we do.  I work diligently to furnish our website with all the required information.  I am always very happy to provide any information and help necessary to provide our guests with the best possible holiday experience. It is my dream that our guests get to know and love Corfu’s most authentic aspects”.

DSC02793 corfu dominoes pool restaurant bar