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Ipsos & Corfu

Staying at Dominoes you are really lucky, as you are ideally placed to visit practically anywhere in Corfu. There is a different choice for every day:

Ipsos Beach

Ipsos beach is one Greece’s first organised beaches. It has softly shelving blue waters and the beach consists of sand and small pebbles. 

You can choose your preferred spot and there is sunbed service available all along the beach. There is also a water sports club and other fun activities. The picturesque little harbour to the south is also beautiful.

All along the beach road there are dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and nightclubs. Ipsos beach is an experience in itself!

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The Modern Town of Corfu

Just 15 km from Dominoes Hotel Apartments & Pool Restaurant you will find Corfu town. In the new town you can shop for souvenirs, clothing or anything else you need. 

Also in the new town a few metres from Garitsa bay with its magical sea view, is the Archaeological Museum and the Mon Repos estate and museum.  You can see archaeological finds of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine antiquities and the Museum of Paleopolis.

The Old Town of Corfu

In the Old Town, apart from shopping in its many quaint shops, you can wander through its streets, enchanted by the old buildings and admiring the monuments. The atmosphere in the Old Town is an amalgamation of historical styles, uniting Corfu and Venice with a dash of France and England!

Enjoy a relaxing drink in one of the stylish bars, sample the fine cuisine in a bistro or restaurant and of course, visit the sights.

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  • The new fortress, the old fortress, the fortress of the old town and the Museum of Asian Art
  • The Casa Parlante museum
  • St. Spyridon’s Church where his holy relic is kept
  • The museum of the Old Philharmonic orchestra
  • The municipal Gallery
  • The Serbian Museum
  • The Achilleion Palace 
  • The Kapodistrias Museum
  • The Olive Oil Museum